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 Smart Business
Dependable Network 
Custom Solutions 
The economics of business have changed and successful companies learn to adapt and change with the environment.  Reducing expenses and maintaining productive work groups is a challenge and a necessity.  Using modern technology to conduct business is no longer a dream, it's just smart business.
A business uses its tools and resources to accomplish greater tasks and reach new levels of accomplishments.  Those tools must be solid and dependable to maintain focus on the goal.  We have a 99.9% guaranteed availability network that is constantly monitored and tested so you can be assured it is ready when you need it.
Every company is unique in its needs for communications.  Forming alliances with some of the top communications and application providers allows us to bring together the best components that are right for your business.  Integrating the components to meet your needs is our strength.
Enhancing Your Business
Getting to know your business and your needs helps us provide the tools that make you successful.  We provide integrated voice and web conferencing solutions taylored to your business strategies.
2 Plus Voice and Web Conferencing Components
  • Voice conferencing available 24/7
  • Toll free conference access
  • Cisco's WebEx presentation platform
  • Microsoft Live Meeting for Web Share
  • Adobe ConnectPro
  • 24 Hour customer support
  • High profile meeting support
  • Dedicated conference operators
  • International toll free access
Our Services 
Reservationless voice conferencing available when you need to meet. 
Provide sales presentations and product demos with the tool of your choice from one of our web partners. 
Conduct training seminars and instructional videos with secure class registration, Q&A sessions, and web polling. 
Bridge the gap of global commerce with over 70 international toll free and local access numbers.  International dial-out available in countries outside our coverage. 
2 Plus Telecom is dedicated to the advancement of multi-point communications and we are constantly researching the best technologies and products and make them available to our customers.  It is our way of adapting to a changing environment.