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The answers to common conferencing questions 
There are many terms and phrases used within the conferencing industry that may not be familiar to everyone that uses voice and web conferencing services.  Listed below are the answers to some of the more common questions and basic terms. 
What is voice conferencing? 
Voice conferencing is also known as audio conferencing or phone conferencing and it allows multiple people, from any geographic location, to speak with each other on one telephone call. 
How do I start a conference call? 
Simply include your assigned toll free number and pass code in the meeting schedule and send it to the people you want to attend your meeting.  Your special moderator pass code will activate the meeting when you dial into the conference.  
What is a moderator?
A moderator is a person in your company that you allow to create and activate a conference call.  They will be given a special moderator pass code that can be used to activate a conference.  At 2 Plus Telecom, you may designate as many moderators as you need at no additional charge.  It is a great way to manage conference activity when you have multiple departments. 
What is a reservationless conference? 
Your toll free access number allows you to have a conference whenever you need to meet without reserving a specific time with your conference provider. 
How do I prevent background noise? 
As the moderator of the conference, you have access to special star commands.  Press * and 96 on your phone keypad to mute all the participants on the call.  Press * 97 to unmute all participants.  
If I have trouble during a conference, what do I do?
If you are having difficulties during a conference, press * and 0 on your phone keypad and one of our operators will provide assistance or research the problem. 
How do I ensure my meeting remains private? 
Pressing * 94 on your phone keypad will lock the conference and prevent any additional callers to connect with your meeting. 
How do I connect someone that I forgot to invite to the meeting? 
While your conference is in progress, you may add additional participants by dialing out to them from your conference phone.  Press * and 95 on your phone keypad.  You will be prompted to enter the telephone number you wish to include in the meeting.  Be sure to dial 1 plus the area code.  You may not dial out to a toll free number.  
Can I share my moderator code with a co-worker? 
Yes, however we discourage this practice.  Sharing your moderator pass code compromises the security of your conferencing service and makes it more difficult to monitor conference activity.  Call our customer service number to add a new moderator to your account at no additional charge. 
Will I be able to use my conference service when I travel internationally?  
Yes.  We have international toll free numbers and local access numbers that will work with your current pass code.  We typically send you those numbers during account setup or you may call our customer service number and have a list e-mailed to you directly.