2 Plus Telecom

Smart, Dependable, Conferencing


2 Plus has negotiated partnerships with the industry leaders in communication networks and conferencing applications.  These partnerships allow us to provide custom solutions for your conferencing needs with huge savings over the contracts that can be obtained by individual companies.  Let us help you explore the possibilities.
Crystal clear connections that are available at any time.  Reservationless or operator-assisted depending upon your needs.
Increase the productivity of your meetings with interactive web sessions.  Share documents, show power point presentations, and mock-up designs.  Choose WebEx, Microsoft Live Meeting, Adobe ConnectPro, or other web share products to suit your needs.
Conduct educational seminars and instructional video sessions with our secure connection and registration options.   Include a Question & Answer feature a Web Polling event for immediate feedback on your state-of-the-art webinar.
Bringing companies together from around the world is just another step in the evolution of business today.  Our international point of presence in over 70 countries is just one way we are working to reduce connectivity expenses in a global economy.