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Conference Call Star Commands 
There are many helpful conferencing features available at your fingertips to assist in making your meeting more effective.  These feature can be initiated by simply pressing the star key (*) followed by a number.  In most cases you will hear a prompt for your next action or informing you of the feature that you activated.  The star commands listed below are available to you during your conference meeting. 
* 91 - Count of Call Participants 
The conference host can use * 91 at any time during a conference call to hear a count of the number of participants.  The count is updated as participants join or leave the conference.
* 92 - Names of Call Participants  
This feature is available when your meeting option has been set to prompt the participants for their name when entering the conference call.  This is controlled through your web portal provided to you during account setup.  By pressing * 92 at any time during your conference call, you will hear a list of the participants names.  You may cancel the prompt at any time by pressing the star key (*) again. 
* 93 - Disconnect All Participants 
Ensuring all participants have disconnected from your conference is important to ensure your minutes are not being used by anyone else which could, in turn, result in higher charges.
* 94 - Lock and Unlock Conference
Hosts can ensure a conference is private by using * 94 to lock out any additional participants from entering the call.  If you need to add an additional participant, press * 94 again, to unlock the conference and allow the participant to connect.
* 95 - Dial Out from Conference
Use *95 to dial out to additional participants during a conference call.  This is helpful for participants that are having difficulties joining the conference or to add a guest speaker later in the conference.
* 96 - Mute All Participants Lines
You can use the mute command to silence noisy lines. This is recommended when conferencing with large numbers of individual participant lines.  This command will be followed by two options:  Pressing 1 allows the participants to unmute themselves by pressing * 6.  Pressing 2 does not allow participants to unmute themselves.
* 97 - UnMute All Participants Lines 
When all participant lines have been muted using the * 96 command, all participant lines can be unmuted by pressing * 97. 
* 21 - Hold a Private Sub Conference 
A sub-conference allows you to hold a private discussion with select participants while the rest of your conference call participants wait. Sub-conferences are often used as “break-out rooms,” allowing teams of participants to discuss agenda items separately from the main conference group, and return when ready.
* 22 - Record a Conference 
At any time during a conference call, the host may enable recording by pressing * 22 on the telephone keypad.  This feature is not available to the regular conference participants.  Generally additional charges apply for recording a conference call.
* 32 - Record a Custom Conference Greeting
Our system allows you to create a custom greeting that participants will hear upon entering your cnference.  Your greeting may be recorded at any time and will remain active each time you start a conference until you specifically change the recording or remove the recording altogether.  After pressing * 32, you will be provided with prompts to assist with setting up, changing, or removing your recording.