2 Plus Telecom

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2 Plus Ready Conference
We have the right conference for your specific needs and it is available when you need meet.  Our high quality network is trusted by a majority of the fortune 500 companies.  Our network and services are monitored and adjusted 24 hours a day to guarantee a conference connection is waiting for you.
A 2 Plus Ready Conference is the simplist form of voice conferencing and a necessity for companies with on-demand needs.  Conferences can be started by distributing a toll free access number and a uniquely assigned pass code.  The key features include:
  • No Reservations
  • Supports up to 125 participants
  • Dedicated toll free access
  • Available 24/7
  • Star Controls to mute/unmute participants
  • Detailed report delivered via e-mail
  • Conference tracking by department
  • No Contracts or setup fees

Free trials available for new customers.


2 Plus Town Hall
When your meetings are high-profile or participation begins to expand, we have an operator-assisted solution to meet your needs.  You get the same ease and convenience of our 2 Plus Ready Conference service with the added sophistication of a dedicated 2 Plus Conference Operator.  Your operator will personally greet each participant and capture contact information for review after the conference.  Additional benefits include:
  • Roll call to begin the conference
  • Operator introduction of guest speakers 
  • Support for up to 3,000 participants
  • Conference recording and download available
  • Capture voting and polling anonymously during the conference
  • Conduct Q & A sessions
  • Integrate with Web component for visual presentations 
2 Plus Premium Event
When your company is ready to invite investors and venture capitalists to review progress on a quarterly or yearly basis, you can be assured your meeting will proceed in smooth professional fashion.  We provide a dedicated staff of conference coordinators and operators to assist with setting up your event weeks in advance.
Our staff has years of experience with the most sophisticated companies in the world.  Your request is their command for ensuring your event executes to your specifications.
Contact our customer service representative in advance to assist with coordinating the staff and schedule the appropriate resources.